Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Is a way to challenge thoughts is to use the Flashcard.

This falshcard is easy to use as people answer the questions one at a time. It is like filling in a form.

Flashcard: How to do it

This tool is a more straight forward way to challenge our thoughts as people take time to answer one question at a time, rather than filling in columns. It is quicker and may be ideal when people want to challenge a thought right away. It is also a very good tool to stop people from giving in to negative urges. It gives enough time to pause and think again whether they want to carry out a negative behaviour or not.

How to answer the questions

1. I hold the belief that.

Write down what your negative thought is.

2. It is understandable that I hold this belief because…

Give the reason why you hold the belief.

Give evidence for the belief. Facts not feelings!

3. However, the belief is unreasonable because….

Give reasons why this belief is not true.

Give evidence against the belief.

4. It is also unhelpful because…

Describe why this won’t help you in the long term. Will this really help you to feel better?

5. Reformulation. A better belief for me would be…

Think of another belief that would be more helpful and more realistic.

6. Since I have held this belief for so long, it will take time to change. What I need to do now is…

Think of something you can do to help yourself cope better now and for the future.

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