Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It is important to be able to describe what is going on inside us. Sometimes people have been avoiding their feelings for a long time, so they have become difficult to express. Sometimes people grow up in families where feelings are not allowed to be expressed in the family. It is often difficult to remember what feelings are like and what they are called when people are not used to expressing them. Here is a list of feelings to help to describe emotions. It is important to help clients to identify their feelings and be able to describe their inner experiences. Describing and naming feelings is an important part of healing.

Happy Sad Excited Angry Surprisedm Depressed Hysterical Furious Overjoyed Gloomy Panicky Annoyed Cheerful Dismayed Unsettled Irritated Buoyant Disappointed Anxious Tetchy Merry Deflated Curious Aggrieved Proud Ashamed Suspicious Jealous Satisfied Guilty Frustrate Defeated Content Lost Determined Mellow Helpless Vengeful Serene Grief-stricken Disgusted Light-hearted Miserable Afraid Light-headed Dejected Terrified Downcast Triumphan Disdainful Apprehensive Woeful CarefreeAloof Self-righteous Crushed Vindicated Foolish Loving Ridiculous Trapped Scornful Sympathetic WorriedColdblooded Relieved Mischievous Sullen Pained Silly Ecstatic Humiliated Humorous Confused Grateful Used Mortified Defiant Pleased Remorseful Bored Delighted Indifferent Peeved Amused ForgivingHostile Churlish Safe Critical InsecureSmug Lonely Impatient Intolerant Restless Unsafe Pathetic Secure

This is a helpful tool to help clients identify their feelings and thoughts:

Identifying your Feelings and the Thoughts behind them.

Try filling in the following to identify your feelings, which situations trigger different feelings and what thoughts lead to this emotion.


2.Describe the Events that Trigger This Emotion

3.What kinds of Thoughts lead to This Emotion ?

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