Tuesday, December 9, 2008


CBT is a five area assesment... Understanding the connections in CBT is like joining the dots!!!!!!!!

CBT claims that when we are distressed or facing problems, there are five areas in our lives that are connected. We are usually in a situation and we have thoughts about this situation and then we are feelings things, which makes us do things and then our body physically reacts also. There is no order to these responses, but all five are happening and are all connected.

All five areas are interconnected. Each area influences the other. A change in behaviour can effect how I feel, both emotionally and physically in my body. It can have an effect on the situation. It can lead to changes in present relationships, and it can effect how I view past relationships and events. Or, changes in thinking can affect how I feel or how my body reacts. It can affect the way I behave and can lead to changes in my situation.

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